Tatiana Dmitrova

Born in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow State University of Education in the early 90’s. After which she began her own entrepreneurial activities. Tatiana was mainly engaged in the development of television advertisment products, the production of show programs, the development of projects for television channels. Over time, she supplemented her activities related to television with the production of information and marketing products for commercial banks. Since then, the company has become known as the Information Service “BANKO”. Among the Tatyana Dmitrova’s interests was carrying out of market research of the currency markets, drawing up of ratings of banks, and also publications in mass-media.

Since 1997, the company she managed has been working in the tourism industry. Her projects are oriented to the B2B sphere, serve the purposes of informing, developing communications, establishing mutual understanding, and increasing the expertise of participants in the tourism market.

Her most famous projects – portal for specialists of tourism business TourDom.ru, printed publication “Hot Line. Tourism”, an online magazine about tourism HotLine.travel, franchise network of TBG agencies, professional tourism industry award “You Will Be Proud”, an international tourism investment forum ITIF.

Tatiana spends her free time with her family, she is fan of travel and skiing


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