Sergej Shpilko

President of RUTI (the Russian Union of Travel Industry, formerly the Russian Association of Tourism Agencies – RATA).

During 2010-2016, he headed up the tourist bloc in the Government of Moscow (first as chairman of the Moscow Committee for Tourism, and after the dissolution of the committee, as deputy head of the Department of National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism of Moscow).

He was born on 6 January 1957 in Moscow. In 1979, he graduated from the History Department of the V.I. Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. From 1980, he worked in the Scientific Research Economic Institute (SREI) of the State Planning Committee of the USSR, graduating in absentia from the post-graduate course of the SREI of the State Planning Committee of the USSR as a candidate in economic sciences. In 1988, he went to work in the All-Union Centre for the Study of Public Opinion on Social and Economic Issues at the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and the USSR State Committee for Labour (ACSPO). In 1992, he was appointed Deputy Minister for Labour and Employment of the Russian Federation and became a member of the Collegium of the Ministry for Social Protection of the Russian Federation.

In 1993, he was appointed chairman of the Russian Federation’s Committee on Tourism. After it merged with the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the Russian Federation, in the newly-formed Committee, and then the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Physical Culture and Tourism (SCRF PCT) as deputy chairman, he oversaw the development of tourism and the hotel industry. In 1994-1995, he was a member of the Council for Social Policy under the President of the Russian Federation.
In 1997-1998, he headed up the Council of CIS Countries on Tourism. From 1995, he was elected annually as President of the Russian Association of Tourist Agencies, and from 2003, the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI). Until October 1999, he headed up RUTI on a voluntary basis, later moving to work in RUTI on a permanent basis.

On 1 December 2010, Moscow’s Mayor Sergey Sobyanin appointed Sergey Shpilko as the new chairman of the Moscow Committee on Tourism.

As president of RUTI, he is a member of the Business Council of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). He is also a member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Organisation of Small and Medium Businesses “Opora Rossii”. He heads up the Committee on Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment Industry of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE).


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