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Our principles

Что такое <span>DaDobro</span>


Что такое <span>DaDobro</span>


Что такое <span>DaDobro</span>


What does DaDobro do

  • We carry out good deeds all over the world.
  • Everything we do, we do voluntarily, without any financial rewards.
  • Dadobro is a lifestyle, encouraging a culture of doing everyday good deeds wherever we cant.
  • We protect the nature surrounding us, as we are a part of it.
  • We support people who create something positive for the world.
  • We do not take part in projects directed ‘against’ anyone or anything.
  • We look after those who we do good deeds for
  • Our focus is on participation of our volunteers in good deeds, not collecting money for charity.
  • We create a space for good news and positive information.

Dadobro Geography

«DaDobro» is a public, non-profit voluntary movement supporting 75 projects in 6 countries.

  • About <span>DaDobro</span>Russia
  • About <span>DaDobro</span>Ukraine
  • About <span>DaDobro</span>Belarus
  • About <span>DaDobro</span>Kazakhstan
  • About <span>DaDobro</span>Uzbekistan
  • About <span>DaDobro</span>Great Britain

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