October 15 – International White Cane Safety Day.

In October, volunteers from Dadobro.com say Da! to caring for people with disabilities and creating an environment that is accessible to all. This is the time when volunteers can devote more time to their wards-children from orphanages (including many “special” kids with developmental features), elderly people living in nursing homes.

This is the time when we can learn more about the everyday life of people with disabilities: visit unusual museums and art spaces (for example, in Moscow there is a restaurant “In the Dark”, guests are immersed in the world of the blind, in St. Petersburg city tours conducts a visually impaired guide), pay attention to the availability of an accessible environment for the disabled in your city – in a word, try to understand how the world perceives 15% of the world’s population (according to WHO, so many people in the world have a disability).

And maybe you want to change something for the better?