Corporate volunteering

We believe that corporate volunteering is the future of corporate culture. One of the main tasks for the DaDobro public movement is to attract as many companies whose employees wish to engage in volunteering activities as possible.

A company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important direction of development for many international corporations. Your company and its employees will have the opportunity to harness the benefits of DaDobro volunteer movement activities such as:

  • Becoming a socially responsible business increases loyalty among clients, partners and employees
  • Your employees will be united by a common idea, this encourages unity within the work environment, increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Taking part in a volunteer movement is the best alternative to traditional corporate celebrations and events

Many years of successful experience allow us to scale up the best practices of volunteering. More than 20 companies are already members of the Dadobro movement.

We bring together more than 3500 volunteers who regularly take part in the movement’s activities. If you represent the company, then we can share with you our expertise and accumulated experience in the field of volunteering – initially to allocate an assistant coordinator for you in order to help develop for your business an individual volunteer programme for a full calendar year.

Our experience and expertise in hosting events

We offer to apply our experience in the field of organizing and conducting volunteer events, as well as promoting your corporate volunteering culture.

You can avoid allocating administrative resources into organising your own events by simply joining the DaDobro movement and doing good deeds together with us.

Our developed plan – Annual Calendar of good deeds

Мы предлагаем применить наш опыт в области организации и проведения волонтерских акций. Вам не нужно выделять административные ресурсы на организацию собственных мероприятий, можно просто присоединиться к движению Dadobro и делать добрые дела вместе.

  • Annual activities
  • Months dedicated to specific good deeds
  • Internationally significant days that can change our world for the better

Every year, our volunteers work out a plan and build their actions and activities around it. We would like to invite your company and its employees to join our programme and follow it through with us.

Dadobro’s geographical spread

We put no restrictions on who can join the movement – any kind of company is welcome join, regardless of its activity profile, number of employees and its location.

The Dadobro volunteer movement currently includes 75 sponsored projects in 6 countries:

  • Corporate volunteering Russia
  • Corporate volunteering Ukraine
  • Corporate volunteering Belarus
  • Corporate volunteering Kazakhstan
  • Corporate volunteering Uzbekistan
  • Corporate volunteering Great Britain

If your company is located in a different city or country, then you have a unique opportunity to fill this gap and join the volunteer movement together with your colleagues, thus expanding the geographical reach of our good work.

Volunteering directions

We work on a variety of socially important areas of volunteering. This means that every employee in your company will be able to choose a good deed that fits their preference and apply their volunteering abilities in that field.

  • Corporate volunteering Orphanages
  • Corporate volunteering Animal shelters
  • Corporate volunteering Medical institutions
  • Corporate volunteering Donor activities
  • Corporate volunteering Caring for the environment
  • Corporate volunteering Cultural volunteering

Our organisation does not collect money

We differ from NGOs and other organisations in a sense that our work is not built on collecting charitable funds. We aim to provide real help – here and now, with our own hands and the efforts of our volunteers.

PR cooperation

Over a period of 4 years, our movement has established itself as an organisation with an exceptionally positive reputation.

Multiple volunteering activities are being held together with our friends and partners under the guidance of DaDobro.

Join us!

School of Volunteering

The School of Volunteering is an interactive educational project aimed at increasing the popularity of volunteering and introducing volunteering as a corporate culture. How it works:

Corporate volunteering

Send a request for training

Corporate volunteering

Set a date that is convenient for you

Corporate volunteering

Our volunteers will visit you and carry out training in your office

Why do we need a School of Volunteering?

Joint participation in volunteering activities helps to consolidate a team, increasing the employees’ loyalty to the company. This is an energetic and useful activity and,offers  a new and more interesting format for holding corporate events.

How does it work?

Representatives of the DaDobro volunteer movement will come to your office after the approval procedure and conduct training for management and employees of the company.

What will be the outcome?

The School of Volunteering takes place in an interactive form with maximum involvement and participation of your employees. The main goal is to form a clear concept of volunteering. The program includes the following topics: the concept and types of volunteering, motives and principles of volunteering, the ethics of volunteering. Volunteering is available to everyone, here and now.

How to invite the School of Volunteering to your company

Send us an e-mail titled “School of Volunteering” to:

In your letter, please state the name of the company, scope of activity, number of staff, your position and contact details for feedback.

Our representative will contact you back as soon as possible.

Companies members of DaDobro

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