We believe that corporate volunteering is the future of corporate culture. One of the main tasks for the DaDobro public movement is to attract as many companies whose employees wish to engage in volunteering activities as possible.


A company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important direction of development for many international corporations. Your company and its employees will have the opportunity to harness the benefits of DaDobro volunteer movement activities such as:

  • Becoming a socially responsible business increases loyalty among clients, partners and employees
  • Your employees will be united by a common idea, this encourages unity within the work environment, increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Taking part in a volunteer movement is the best alternative to traditional corporate celebrations and events

Many years of successful experience allow us to scale up the best practices of volunteering. More than 20 companies are already members of the Dadobro movement.

We bring together more than 3500 volunteers who regularly take part in the movement’s activities. If you represent the company, then we can share with you our expertise and accumulated experience in the field of volunteering – initially to allocate an assistant coordinator for you in order to help develop for your business an individual volunteer programme for a full calendar year.

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School of Volunteering

The School of Volunteering is an interactive educational project aimed at increasing the popularity of volunteering and introducing volunteering as a corporate culture. How it works:

Send a request for training


Set a date that is convenient for you


Our volunteers will visit you and carry out training in your office



Why do we need a School of Volunteering?
How does it work?
What will be the outcome?
How to invite the School of Volunteering to your company

Companies members of Dadobro

BSI Global Group

International Company Group

VFS Global

International Company


Agricultural business


Social programs center

Rostour Union

Russian Travel Industry Union


Food industry

BSI Group

Multi-profile tour operator


Publishing House “Ajax Press”


International company


Birdie – chain of hairdressing salons

Fox Express

Courier delivery service

BSI Digital

IT development and advertising

BSI Center

Tourism and travel

Fond NFR

Charity fund


Social project

Kalinaka Group

Real Estate

Brand Trade

E-Shop for business


Magazine for children and their parents

Book house

Book shops in Moscow

Human gym

Premium fitness club

DA Visa

Tourism and travel

Ya est

Charitable Foundation


Recreational park


FSBI National Medical Research Radiological Center

World Unique Gamers

World Unique Gamers

Maritime RST association

Maritime RST association

Курьерская Служба

Courier service

Young Group Social

Corporate Social Responsibility


TourDom.ru – tourism news portal


IT development


Groceries chain


Gold Mining Company


Moscow Brewing Company