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Daria Kasatkina

In 2016 russian tenisist Daria Kasatkina become an ambassador of volunteer movement DaDobro.com Daria born in Togliatti in 1997. For the first time she took a racket in his hands at the age of 6 years. Today she is a winner of two WTA tournaments, winner of a Junior Grand Slam singles tournament, winner of the Youth Olympic Games and once ranked third in the junior world ranking. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she competed in the quarter finals in singles and pairs competitions. In April 2017 won her first WTA tournament in singles competition.


"I found out about Dadobro.com from Andrey Ignatyev, the co-founder of this volunteer movement and the owner of the international holding BSI Global Group, which is one of my sponsors. Fascinated by the basic idea of DaDobro - to carry the maximum of good deeds to those who need them most, I, could not do anything else but join the volunteers. Now I am a member and the ambassador of the of the movement and always, when I have the opportunity, I take part in volunteer activities"


For the DaDobro.com team, there are no boundaries, restrictions on gender and age, no differences in race, place of birth and religion. We do not participate in projects aimed "against" anyone or anything and only good deeds are propagated. I like this concept, so I'm pleased to join the DaDobro.com volunteer movement, " says Daria


Оfficial website: www.kasatkina.net


Yulia Ushakova

In February 2017, Yulia Ushakova, an honoured master of sports of Russia in bodybuilding, master of sports of Russia in the international class and the most titled athlete in the country in the bodyfitness category, joined the DaDobro.com volunteer movement’s Ambassadors list.

Yulia was born in Tyumen in 1990, became involved in sports since early childhood, and most of all was attracted to gymnastics. From the age of 14, Yulia Ushakova became interested in bodyfitness. Now, she is five-time absolute champion of Russia, twice world champion, winner of the Arnold Classic competition established by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and also holder of the title "Miss Olympia Physique 2015". Yulia is an expert in the field of healthy lifestyles, training and weight loss. She conducts master classes around the country, and is a fitness project trainer. She considers it her mission to prove that women in power sports can and should look feminine.

"Let's say Da! to kindness and creativity! I have always dreamed of being able to help those in need and engage in charity work. Even as a child, I often mentioned this to my mother. And to help others, you don’t have to have lots of money – it’s enough just to want to invest time and effort in the development of children left with no support. As an athlete, I’m prepared to share my sports experience with children. DaDobro.com – you can always count on me!

Sergej Romanov

Sergey is a professional fighter in mixed martial arts – MMA, organisation M-1 Global, from St Petersburg. He holds many sporting achievements and titles. He was a professional footballer, then moved to martial arts, becoming a master of sports in kickboxing, two-time finalist in the open cup of St Petersburg in Thai boxing, and St Petersburg champion in MMA in middleweight (in 2014). In October of this year, Sergey will compete for the title of champion in M-1.

In addition, he is a very charming, kind and caring person. He runs special training for children and on a personal level shows how important sport and a healthy lifestyle are. Sergey has supported Dadobro.com, starring in a new video about good deeds, and joined the Ambassadors list of the volunteer movement.

Andrey Ignatyev

Russian businessman, a public figure, former General Director of the Russian Tourism Company with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Physical Education, Sports and Tourism, former Vice President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), Doctor of Economics.

The career of Andrey Ignatyev was largely focused on business and management activity in the field of tourism. In 1990, he set up one of the first tourist cooperatives (small businesses) in Russia. Subsequently, the cooperative turned into a group of companies – BSI Global Group – one of the largest in the country, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015.

During 14 years (from 1995 to 2009), Andrey Ignatiev managed and surprised major non-profit tourist associations fostering development of tourism in Russia and protection of rights and interests of legal entities and RF citizens in the field of tourism. From 1995 to 1997, was a member of the Board of the National Tourist Association (NTA), from 1998 to 2002 – member of the Board of the Russian Tourism Industry Union (RST), and from 2007 to 2009 – Vice President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

In 2012, became a co-founder of the international volunteer initiative Dadobro.com, conceptually based on global best practice of corporate volunteering.

Sergej Shpilko

President of RUTI (the Russian Union of Travel Industry, formerly the Russian Association of Tourism Agencies – RATA).

During 2010-2016, he headed up the tourist bloc in the Government of Moscow (first as chairman of the Moscow Committee for Tourism, and after the dissolution of the committee, as deputy head of the Department of National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism of Moscow).

He was born on 6 January 1957 in Moscow. In 1979, he graduated from the History Department of the V.I. Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. From 1980, he worked in the Scientific Research Economic Institute (SREI) of the State Planning Committee of the USSR, graduating in absentia from the post-graduate course of the SREI of the State Planning Committee of the USSR as a candidate in economic sciences. In 1988, he went to work in the All-Union Centre for the Study of Public Opinion on Social and Economic Issues at the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and the USSR State Committee for Labour (ACSPO). In 1992, he was appointed Deputy Minister for Labour and Employment of the Russian Federation and became a member of the Collegium of the Ministry for Social Protection of the Russian Federation.

In 1993, he was appointed chairman of the Russian Federation’s Committee on Tourism. After it merged with the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the Russian Federation, in the newly-formed Committee, and then the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Physical Culture and Tourism (SCRF PCT) as deputy chairman, he oversaw the development of tourism and the hotel industry. In 1994-1995, he was a member of the Council for Social Policy under the President of the Russian Federation. In 1997-1998, he headed up the Council of CIS Countries on Tourism. From 1995, he was elected annually as President of the Russian Association of Tourist Agencies, and from 2003, the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI). Until October 1999, he headed up RUTI on a voluntary basis, later moving to work in RUTI on a permanent basis.

On 1 December 2010, Moscow’s Mayor Sergey Sobyanin appointed Sergey Shpilko as the new chairman of the Moscow Committee on Tourism.

As president of RUTI, he is a member of the Business Council of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). He is also a member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Organisation of Small and Medium Businesses "Opora Rossii". He heads up the Committee on Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment Industry of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE).

Maksim Ivanov

Russian businessman, chairman of the board of directors of the company "Foodline", which includes: CJSC VTF Foodline, logistics centers Terra Logistica (St. Petersburg, Moscow), dairy factory Galaktika, dairy farms in the Volosovo district of the Leningrad region, Agency Business News.

He was born on June 11, 1961 in Moscow. He graduated from the Leningrad Nakhimov School and the Leningrad Higher Naval School of Frunze (1983).

He is fond of surfing, mountain skiing, aviation. Maxim is the initiator of the social project "Sport Above Politics", within the framework of which an international team of kiterers from Russia, Ukraine and Finland set a world record, having passed without stopping on kitesurfs 279.46 km from Helsinki to St. Petersburg.

In September 2017, Maxim Ivanov joined the Ambassadors of the volunteer movement Dadobro.com.

Ekaterina Rumyantseva

In January 2018 Ekaterina Rumyantseva, chairman of the board of directors, partner and founder of the real estate agency Kalinka Group became Dadobro Ambassador

In 1999, she founded the company that became the basis of today's Kalinka Group (in the real estate sector for more than 20 years). In 2003, she received an MBA in Development, in 2011, an Executive MBA degree in Strategic Management. According to Forbes Woman, as well as TOP of the most quoted people in the real estate market, among the best managers of Russia according to the version of the Association of Russian Managers and the newspaper "Kommersant", in the ranking of the most successful business woman.

She acted directly in the creation of the most iconic objects of Moscow real estate - from concept, strategy of promotion to realization. Courageously sets high standards of work and creates tendencies followed by other market participants. The business model created by Ekaterina Rumyantseva in the Kalinka Group is intercepted and actively used by many Russian companies.

Kalinka Group successfully implements projects of any complexity both in Russia and abroad in the elite segment. Participates in the sale and lease of urban real estate, rural and commercial, has a package of exclusive investment offers, and also provides unique services for obtaining the citizenship of the European Union on the best terms in the shortest possible time.

Tatiana Dmitrova

Born in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow State University of Education in the early 90's. After which she began her own entrepreneurial activities. Tatiana was mainly engaged in the development of television advertisment products, the production of show programs, the development of projects for television channels. Over time, she supplemented her activities related to television with the production of information and marketing products for commercial banks. Since then, the company has become known as the Information Service "BANKO". Among the Tatyana Dmitrova's interests was carrying out of market research of the currency markets, drawing up of ratings of banks, and also publications in mass-media.

Since 1997, the company she managed has been working in the tourism industry. Her projects are oriented to the B2B sphere, serve the purposes of informing, developing communications, establishing mutual understanding, and increasing the expertise of participants in the tourism market.

Her most famous projects - portal for specialists of tourism business TourDom.ru, printed publication "Hot Line. Tourism", an online magazine about tourism HotLine.travel, franchise network of TBG agencies, professional tourism industry award "You Will Be Proud", an international tourism investment forum ITIF.

Tatiana spends her free time with her family, she is fan of travel and skiing

Юрий Васильев

Юрий Борисович Васильев - советский и российский актер театра и кино, режиссер, народный артист России, Лауреат премии правительства Москвы, Лауреат национальной актерской премии имени Андрея Миронова, кавалер Ордена Дружбы, профессор Российского института театрального искусства (ГИТИС).

Юрий Васильев родился в 1954 году в Новосибирске. С детства занимался в театральной студии, поступил в Театральное училище имени Бориса Щукина, по окончании был принят в труппу Московского академического театра сатиры (МАТС), где работает уже в течение 42 лет (актер, режиссер).

С 1989 года преподавал актерское мастерство сначала в училище им. Щукина, затем в ГИТИС.  С 1999 по 2003 был ведущим телепрограмм «Сами с усами» и «Семь бед-один ответ» на Первом канале. За его плечами десятки ролей в кино («4:0 в пользу Танечки», «Крик дельфина», «Записки экспедитора тайной канцелярии», «Возвращение мушкетеров», «Земский доктор», «Король Мадагаскара») и театре («Мольер (Кабала святош)», «Грустно, но смешно», «Трехгрошовая опера» и др.).

С 2010 года – создатель и художественный руководитель «Театра Юрия Васильева».

В 2016 году на экраны вышел фильм Юрия Васильева «Герой», с Димой Биланом в главной роли».


Анна Лешковцева

Капитан ПБК МБА (Москва).

Достижения: Чемпионка мира в баскетболе 3х3,  Самый ценный игрок Чемпионата мира в баскетбол 3х3, Чемпионка Европы в баскетболе 3х3, Вице-чемпионка Кубка России по баскетболу Игрок национальной команды.


Олег Золотых

Олег имеет более 20 лет опыта в сфере IT. Олег начал свою карьеру в одной из американских IT компаний, где работал с R&D проектами и отвечал за IT консалтинг ряда правительственных учреждений Штата Нью-Йорк. В 2003 году Олег присоединился к команде Luxoft и в первые годы был ответственным за крупный международный проект для компании Dell — одного из ведущих партнеров Luxoft. С 2009 года Олег уже руководил выделенным центром разработок для Dell.

Одним из результатов этой работы стало создание корпоративной практики ERP систем и привлечение новых клиентов. С 2016 года является управляющим директором Luxoft Восточная Европа. Олег Золотых с отличием окончил факультет технической кибернетики Тульского Государственного Университета и имеет диплом магистра техники и технологий.


Всеволод Беркин

Всеволод Беркин родился в Москве, 18 декабря 1968 года. В 2008 окончил с отличием Московский гуманитарный университет по специализации психология, управление персоналом. В 2012 получил степень МВА стратегическое планирование и предпринимательство в  Плехановском университете.

Свою карьеру начинал в компании «Пони Экспресс». Работал на управленческих позициях в таких компаниях как:  «ЭМЕКС» (генеральный контрактор FedEx в России), «Макси Пост» и Mail Box ETC. В 2014 году возглавил компанию «Фокс-Экспресс», где и работает по настоящее время. Любит путешествовать, читать, увлекается классической музыкой, поэзией, живописью.


Роберто Босколо

Роберто Босколо - Исполнительный директор и Директор по разработкам Cachet Hospitality Group (известный бренд управления гостиничным бизнесом с офисами по всему миру).

Роберто Босколо начал свою карьеру в группе пятизвездочных отелей «Boscolo Hotels»

В 1998 стал менеджером развития бизнеса в отелях Босколо в Падуе и руководил международными офисами, включая офисы в Сан Паоло, Токио, Тель-Авиве и Нью-Йорке. В 2002 г-н Босколо стал исполнительным директором в отеле Boscolo в Риме.

В  2006 открыл несколько отелей в  Праге и Будапеште.

С 2007 г-н Босколо руководил развитием и реновацией  отелей Босколо во всем мире, включая Рим Exedra, Aleph Rome, Карло IV Праге, NYP Будапешт, гранд отель Palace Rome, Good Exedra, Exedra Милан и Босколо Бари, гарантировав эксплуатационную непрерывность, максимальный возврат инвестиций и повышение производительности бизнеса.


Владимир Георгиевич Бояринов

Бояринов Владимир Георгиевич – русский поэт, общественный деятель

Родился 4 июля 1948 г. на Алтае в с. Солдатово Восточно-Казахстанской области.
Выпускник Литературного института им. А.М. Горького (1978 г).
Поэтические сборники Владимира Бояринова выходили в крупных столичных издательствах: «Советский писатель», «Современник», «Молодая гвардия», «Советская Россия», «Детская литература», «Малыш». После развала СССР в издательствах: «Ключ», «Вече», «Литературная Республика» и др.

Председатель  Московской городской организации Союза писателей России. Сопредседатель Союза писателей России. Первый заместитель Председателя Исполкома Международного сообщества писательских союзов. Лауреат литературных премий. Заслуженный работник культуры РФ (2005), Республики Ингушетии (2006), Чеченской Республики (2009). Награждён медалью ордена «За заслуги перед Отечеством» (2012).


Ольга Савельева

Популярный блогер с международной аудиторией более 80 тысяч человек, общественный деятель, инфлюенсер, писатель, автор бестселлеров "Попутчица" и "Апельсинки", первый тираж которой был распродан на стадии предзаказа , и которая  победила в номинации "Лучшая художественная книга" по версии OZON, колумнист "Сноб", мотивирующий лектор с многолетним опытом выступлений, ведущая масштабных мероприятий и фестивалей. 12 лет работала чиновником, руководила пресс-службой федерального органа исполнительной власти.