Our principles




What does DaDobro do

  • We do good deeds without borders and without limits.
  • Everything we do, we do voluntarily, without any financial reward.
  • We protect the nature around us, as we are part of it.
  • We support people’s efforts aimed only at creating.
  • We do not take part in projects directed ‘against’ anyone or anything.
  • We take responsibility for those we do good for.
  • Our principle is personal participation in good deeds, and not collecting money for charity.
  • We create a space for good news and positive information.

Dadobro Geography

«Dadobro» – public, open to non-profit voluntary movement supporting 68 facilities in 8 countries.

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Armenia
  • Finland
  • Great Britain

Ambassadors of

Ambassadors of the Dadobro.com volunteer movement began to form in 2017. They are known members of business, politics, culture and sport fields – along with volunteers take part in DaDobro events and use their fame to contribute to the development of the movement, helping to create a fashion for good deeds.

  • Daria Kasatkina 

    “When I have opportunity, I always take part in volunteering“ 

    Winner of two WTA tournaments, winner of a Junior Grand Slam singles tournament (France 2014), winner of the Youth Olympic Games (China 2014) and once ranked third in the junior world ranking. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Daria Kasatkina competed in the quarter finals in singles and pairs competitions. In April 2017 won her first WTA tournament in singles competition. 

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  • Yulia Ushakova 

    “Let’s say “Dа!” to good deeds and creative! I have always dreamed of being able to help those in need and engage in charity.” 

    Five-time absolute champion of Russia, two-time world champion, winner of “Arnold Classic” competition, founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and also holder of the title “Miss Figure Olimpia-2015».

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  • Sergey Romanov 

    “I’m happy to be on the Dadobro.com team. Volunteering can and should become fashionable among young people, and we can set an excellent example!“ 

    Sergey is a professional fighter in mixed martial arts – MMA, organisation M-1 Global, from St Petersburg. He holds many sporting achievements and titles.

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  • Maksim Ivanov 

    “I think we should do nice and good things. The world is a mirror that gives us our own image.“ 

    Russian businessman, chairman of the board of directors of the company “Foodline”, which includes: CJSC VTF Foodline, logistics centers Terra Logistica (St. Petersburg, Moscow), dairy factory Galaktika, dairy farms in the Volosovo district of the Leningrad region, Agency Business News.

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  • Andrey Ignatyev 

    “We all work a lot to make profit for our companies, but achieving high results is impossible without the unity of the whole team – from managers to ordinary employees. An example of this unity for us was an intracorporate culture based on the principles of corporate volunteering. And our experience proves the effectiveness of such model.
    I am sure that many will be interested in the DoDobro movement and join it. In the life of any commercial company there is always a place for good deeds“ 

    Russian businessman, a public figure, former General Director of the Russian Tourism Company with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Physical Education, Sports and Tourism, former Vice President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), Doctor of Economics.

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  • Sergey Shpilko 

    “It’s nice to realize that such an interesting and important charity project originated in the tourism industry, and, of course, the Russian Union of Travel Industry supports the volunteer movement DaDobro“ 

    President of RUTI (the Russian Union of Travel Industry, formerly the Russian Association of Tourism Agencies – RATA).

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  • Ekaterina Rumyantseva 

    “Kindness is a powerful driving force, and volunteering is kindness coming from the heart. I like the enthusiasm of Dadobro.com volunteers and how many really useful things these people do. I’m happy to join this movement to make the world better together!“ 

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Partner and Founder of Kalinka Group

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Whom Dadobro invites to join them?

Anyone can become a volunteer for DaDobro, regardless of age, gender, nationality, place of work or residence. Having joined the volunteer movement, each volunteer will be able to accomplish his own good deed.